The Briny is a podcast all about our connections with the ocean. Through personal stories, science, history, food, and folklore, The Briny explores how we’re changing the sea, and how the sea changes us.

The Briny is a member of Hub & Spoke, a collective of independent, high-quality, story-driven podcasts.

The Briny is made by Matt Frassica, a podcast and radio producer based in Portland, Maine. Matt has made stories and podcasts for Vice, The New York Times, Vox, Slate, Stitcher, WNYC Studios, PRX, KCRW, and NPR, including shows such as Sway, Source Material, Reveal, Freakonomics Radio, Today Explained, Here & Now, and The Organist. He started out in audio as a producer for public radio‚Äôs arts and culture show Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen.

You can find The Briny on Twitter and Instagram.